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Meet Marjorie:

After spending fifteen years in the health care industry and nine years in public broadcasting, Marjorie joined my Creative Team in 2007.  Marjorie is a key player in the planning of studio and home-based jewelry events In particular, when hosting in the studio, Marjorie shares her amazing baking talents, adorning  the tables with homemade scrumptious desserts, thus filling the role of Resident Confectionery Creative Genius!  She also juggles many of the day-to-day studio activities including customer and vendor orders,  running a multitude of studio errands, and is also a key member of my customer service team. Marjorie has happily put in an occasional shift as "Nanny Poppins" for the King kids, my nine year old triplets, for which my husband and I are very grateful.  Marjorie enjoys gardening, travel, cooking and baking as mentioned above, and a new found interest in water color painting, for which she is very modest, but also quite good.  Marjorie lives in Latham with her husband, Russ, who is a Sociology Professor at the State University of New York at Albany, and also a great guy!  They both enjoy spending as much time as possible with their son and his wife and their two very special grandsons who all live in Queens.